DCP Healthy Workplace℠

 Corporate Wellness Programs


Diabetes Care Partners recognizes that employers care about their employees’ health – not just because doing so impacts employee productivity, medical care use, and healthcare premium costs – but because employers truly honor and value their employees. Increasingly employers are asked by their employees to help them find and subsidize healthy life-style value-added programs that address ways to manage prediabetes conditions, specifically weight management, and their Type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes Care Partners’ corporate wellness programs bring diabetes and weight loss solutions – onsite, telemedicine, and/or mobile –  directly to employees at their workplace because convenience is key to employee adherence to important lifestyle changes necessary to lower the risk of developing diabetes as well as improving the health of those employees managing their Type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes Care Partners offers corporate employers the option to select one or both of its EmployeeBeWell℠ programs:

EmployeeBEWell℠ – Diabetes Wellness Support and EmployeeBEWell℠ – Lifestyle Weight Management Program

These programs are based on ADA standards of care and nutritional guidelines respectively

EmployeeBEWell℠ – Diabetes Wellness Support Program

With more than a decade of working side by side with patients managing their Type 2 diabetes, Diabetes Care Partners is truly uniquely qualified to provide employees with the educational tools and personalized one-on-one attention to help them for manage their Type 2 diabetes and lessen medical complications.

EmployeeBEWell℠ – Lifestyle Weight Management Program

The Diabetes Care Partners Lifestyle Weight Management Program is led by registered dietitians that have experience, expertise, and demonstrated compassion for their program participants. The dietitians work collaboratively to provide nutrition basics and the tools to help their participants create healthy lifestyle changes. Participants receive the encouragement and support they need to make the sometimes even small behavioral adjustments that help to promote lifelong healthy habits to not just help with weight loss and management but also help them to manage their diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension and stress!

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