Our Customers

Diabetes Care Partners is proud that its solutions benefit a diverse group of health care stakeholders. DCP solutions include tailored programs for individuals, employers, health plan and benefit administrators, care managers and case managers, physicians, clinics, hospitals, pharmaceutical organizations, retail pharmacies, and government sponsored health benefit programs, including Medicare, Medicaid (MediCal), and TRICARE.


For Individual Partners

Individuals typically use Diabetes Care Partners solutions to get a better understanding of their diabetes or the diabetes of their loved ones typically as a part of a health and wellness offering from their employer, health plan, healthcare provider, or health and wellness retailer. If your employer, health plan or healthcare provider does not offer individuals this service or quality of service you may wishes to inform them that you would like your employer or health plan to contact us for contracting,  Likewise, individuals and families can register their interest for DCP products and services by contacting our customer service team

For Employer Partners

Employers use Diabetes Care Partners solutions to improve condition-specific health outcomes, resulting in lower costs of employee health care. Diabetes Care Partners can work with the benefits team to deliver a program directly to its workforce, or we can work with a third-party to integrate our services into an existing solution.

For Health Plans and Benefit Administrator Partners

Health Plans, Benefit Administrators Health plan providers, third-party administrators, and pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs) use the DCPs solution to manage the complete ancillary cycle for chronic disease patient care, from Diabetes education, Coumadin Monitoring, medication therapy management, medication/DME dispensing and delivery as well as on going patient support.  All integrated to work together to offer our partners a proven results driven solutions to target and reach fiscal and clinical goals if the organization. Contact us for more information on how we can help you enhance your medical management and containment offerings.


For Care Managers and Case Management Partners

Care Managers care and Case Management organizations use the DCP solution for those individuals or health plan members who have been identified as potentially high risk benefiting from intense diabetes assessment/ education and enhanced personal engagement leading to dramatically improve the effectiveness of care management interventions.  Contact us for more information on how we can help you enhance your health improvement offerings.

For Healthcare Providers Physicians, Clinics, and Hospital Partners

Healthcare Providers Physicians, clinics, and hospitals use the DCP solution to provide in house and outpatient solutions to manage chronic disease. Our Onsite program brings the program to you in your office or in your facility grounds through our DCPMobile Program Unit. Our outpatient DCPHome Centers provide a comfortable and relaxing environment to engage patients in the care of their chronic disease.  If access is an issue our DCPConnect secure online video education  and consultation services provides a high quality results driven diabetes program anywhere you have a high-speed internet connection .  These services integrated with our MTM and DME program providing offer our partners a one stop solution that makes sense for medication compliance and condition monitoring and management. Our solutions are also perfect for the emerging requirements of accountable care organizations (ACOs) and the Patient Centered Medical Home. Contact us for more information on how we can help you enhance your outcomes and care continuum.

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For Pharmaceutical Organization Partners

Pharmaceutical Organization and Device Manufactures use the DCP solutions to provide educational support for patients to enhance their product positioning and competitiveness. By adding our value-added health education engagement programs, pharmaceutical manufactures and device manufacturers are able to improve product effectiveness in impacting health outcomes. Contact us for more information on how we can help enhance your competitiveness.

For Retail Pharmacy Partner

Retail pharmacy organizations use DCP services as a value-added enhancement to their health and wellness sales offering. Our solutions create a loyal connection to the retail brand through our ongoing, value-added health programs.

For Government Partners

Government DCP solutions are fully compatible with the needs of federal, state, and local government employers, purchasers, and payers, including state Medicaid programs, Medicaid & Medicare managed care plans, the TRICARE program, and many government-sponsored demonstration projects as a American Diabetes Association Recognized program . We can help you reduce the cost and improve the quality of government health care programs.

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