Diabetes Care Partners℠ Solutions

IT’S NO SECRET. The changes in our health care industry in the wake of the Affordable Care Act’s health care reform enactments has created the perfect storm for aligning payers and providers around finding credible and measurably ways to change the dynamics of chronic care management by creating patient-centric solutions for one of the most prevalent and costly chronic diseases like diabetes.

IT’S WIDELY AGREED. Self-care management is fast-becoming an integral part of the treatment plan for patients at all stages of this disease state – literally taking center stage as the pivotal solution to gaining control over this fast-growing national and global epidemic.

IT’S A FACT. Three out of every four health care dollars in the U.S. are designated to support chronic health care conditions. The overall cost to the US health care system for noncompliance is more than $3 billion annually. Something must be done to more actively coordinate and manage patient care across the health care system to improve patient care outcomes. Diabetes is one of our nation’s most prevalent chronic diseases affecting 20.9 million Americans. The diabetes epidemic in the United States continues to accelerate with over 1.6 million new cases being diagnosed annually, and by 2050, an estimated 48 million Americans will have Type 2 diabetes.

IT’S A CALL TO ACTION. There has never been a more urgent need to develop innovative ways to economically manage diabetes care. One out of every five U.S. federal health care dollars is spent treating people with diabetes. The average yearly health care costs for a person without diabetes is $2,560; for a person with diabetes, that figure soars to $11,744. Much of the human and financial costs can be avoided with proven diabetes prevention and management steps.

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