Stop Diabetes Now Basic Coaching

Our most popular package combining our Stop Diabetes Now Online course and 3 session once a week live personalized coaching follow-ups by phone or zoom .

Making you the Expert Faster with Dietitian Coaching

Support can the difference between successfully reaching your goal and being discouraged, confusion and giving up. This course included the online course along with someone to be in your corner to give your motivation, help you find the answers and keep you accountable

This package includes the support you need to transform you into the #1 expert in your diabetes:

  • Stop Diabetes Now On Demand Online Course
  • (3) 30 minute HIPPA Video Chat or Phone follow-ups sessions
  • Android or iPhone Mobile app to log your Meals and Activity
  • Once a week review and feedback of your personal blood sugar logs during follow-up sessions
  • Once a week review and feedback of your personal food and Activity logs during follow-up session
  • Access to Members Only Face Book Page
  • Discount for ongoing coaching services

Your Instructor

Diabetes Care Partners
Diabetes Care Partners

Since 2003 Diabetes Care Partners has helped people living with diabetes become the #1 expert in their diabetes. With a no judgement, just answers approach that personizes the learning process DCP has been able to get real results for thousands of people including decreasing and in some cases eliminating medication, decreasing blood sugar and A1c and losing weight naturally without dieting and preventing and slowing down complications of uncontrolled diabetes such as Stroke, Heart Attack, blindness, amputations, kidney failure and cancer. The approach is never to tell you what you can't and shouldn't do but to help you find the things that that will improve your bloods sugar numbers but also keeping your quality of life in mind. You decide what you can live with and can't and we make it work together. There is no compromise because you make the calls. Join the DCP family and start becoming the #1 expert in your diabetes.

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