Our Mission

Increase Access to Outcome Driven, Member Experience Focused Solutions & Support for All People Living with Diabetes


Our Company

Founded in 2003 Diabetes Care Partners℠ (DCP) is a national award-winning comprehensive diabetes education organization and destination for personalized outcomes driven diabetes self-management education utilizing onsite, telehealth and on-demand models of delivery to maximize access . DCP manages more than 25 sites across the states of California for diabetes education and self management training.

Our Discovering Diabetes Programs have served thousands living with Diabetes to take control of their health through clinically proven evidence based health programs and patient management solutions that get real results.

Our Discovering Diabetes™ system has been used to complement existing programs or to implement new program initiatives at top health organizations such as Health Care P artners, LACare, Universal Care and others to bring positive clinical outcomes and improved overall health and wellness for their members .


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Our Incredible Journey


Our People

Our staff of Certified Diabetes Educators, Registered Dietitians and Clinical Pharmacist and administrative staff have over 100 years of collective experience partnering, understanding and helping people living with diabetes. In fact over 50 percent of our staff lives with prediabetes or diabetes. Together we experience daily the pain and frustration of out of range blood sugars but also the excitement and confidence our clients feel after discovering they have the power to make a difference in their diabetes. We hope that we get a chance and opportunity to transform you into your #1 expert in your diabetes.


Our Programs

We are really proud of our Discovering Diabetes Program because it promotes patient engagement instead of passive listening. We realize it’s not just the information given, but how you use and relate to it. Utilizing Hands-on tools and examples and using your experience as their primary learning tool is the key to success.

By utilizing Discovery learning techniques to guide reflection and insight around your choices and the resulting blood sugar which allows reflections and true learning. Our program is structured to be divided into sessions with appropriate "homework" between each week that will facilitate the discovery learning process. Each week building on the next until you start seeing the true control your have over your diabetes, this is EMPOWERMENT and we are so blessed to have the opportunity to be on the journey with you. We wont let you down!